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How To Tell The Difference Between A Limp From A Corn Or Something Els

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Corinna has had corns on her front feet for a couple years now. I've been hulling them myself for over a year now. Usually she gets some relief afterwards but this last time she is still limping terribly on her front right leg. The corn in that foot is the larger of the two so I do hope it's just the corn bothering her but I'm getting concerned that there may be more going on. So my question is, is there a way the vets can determine if it's corn pain or something else causing the limp without the whole cost of X rays? For example freezing the foot or something to see if the limp is still there?

I will spend the money if need be but I don't really have the money to spend unnecessarily. The vet I go to now didn't seem to know a whole lot about corns in the first place but did look at information I gave them so they seem willing to learn at least. So maybe if I go in with a plan I can save myself some cost of unneeded test.

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Can't help you. Going through the same thing right now. Nova either has a corn that has not emerged yet or there may be something else going on. At this point we are playing the waiting game. The fact that she does better on soft surfaces makes me believe it is a corn, but that is not 100%.

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X-rays are the only sure-fire way to tell, definitively, if you are dealing with osteo. They shouldn't be overly expensive, as most greyhounds will stay still enough for them unsedated. Added costs come when the rads are sent out for another reading by a different radiologist or vet. Dr Couto will consult on them if you can get HD digital copies.


Most vets opt for a wait-and-see approach and try treating with nsaids first, but this can lose you valuable time that could be better spent making a decision about what to do going forward.

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