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Not Really Throwing Up But Ejecting Clear, Slippery Liquid

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My Luka has done this a few times now, the last time being this morning. It isn't that he reteches or acts like a dog who is going to vomit, all of a sudden he will open his mouth and this clear, slippery liquid comes out of his mouth. This time he didn't even stop walking while it happened. It is really hard to see on the floor and I am afraid that some day someone will take a bad fall because of it.

Has anyone else have a hound that does this? Any idea what is causing it? There is no food in the liquid.

I don't think requires a trip to the vet but I will mention it to him when I take Peace in for her nail trim and follow up.

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Could it be water? I remember a few times when Regis or Dusty would drink too much too fast, then walk away from the bowl (usually over to me :rolleyes:), hang their heads, and just...gush out the water they just drank. No retching, no heaving - it was just like someone poured out a pitcher of water. My friend's mutt did this once, too.

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He could be hyper-salivating in response to morning acid production resulting in gastric reflux and then throwing it up.

Try him on 1 Zantac 75mg an half an hour before he has his evening meal. Sometimes just eating something really early will help that kind of thing.

There might be something in the diet like wheat which he is no longer quite so able to tolerate.

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Agree with salivating.....this is right next to bright yellow bile first thing in the morning. Might want to try a pepcid for a bit of acid control. OR cookies at bedtime and/or first thing you wake up.

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Teague just did the same thing this morning, and has done it a few other times as well. I heard him gagging/coughing for a second and then saw this clear, slimy stuff on the floor. It had a bit of grass in it, I think he just had to cough it up. I don't worry too much, as otherwise he is feeling fine. :)

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He gets a bed time cookie and eats a lot right before bed. Do you think a pedcid first thing in the AM or at bed time would help?

I know it isn't water because it is thicker than water and much more slippery.

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It's mucus of some sort - phlegm from down the throat, most likely, brought up when he coughs or hacks. It can be from a piece of grass or a small piece of food that gets stuck. They can hack when the acid on their stomach gets to be too much - sort of a pre-barfing when nothing comes out of the stomach like yellow bile.


If he's doing it before you get up and before breakfast, then an acid reducer before bed. If he's doing it more in association with breakfast or drinking after getting up, then giving it to him in the morning 20-30 minutes before breakfast should help.

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Sounds like regurgitation, which is 'spitting up' the contents of the esophagus, rather than vomiting, which comes from the stomach. A couple of my dogs do it occasionally, mostly after they drink a lot after running around outside. If it's occasional, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it happens a lot, especially if you start to see any food in it, that could indicate a problem with esophageal function and should be checked out by your vet.

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