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Marking Her Hole?

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Lila digs for fun and every summer makes a nice hole for herself in the yard. Last night she did something weird.

She dug in her hole a little bit then peed in it. :huh Then she spent a good couple minutes carefully covering the wet spot with dirt using her nose.


I’m sure this is normal dog behavior, but it is unusual for MY dog. Anybody else ever see this behavior with their greyhounds or other breeds?

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Brady digs also, can't say he has ever peed in it.


Sounds like Lila needed to reclaim her hole from another critter, with very careful housekeeping.




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We have a large hole in progress in my yard too :). Lia has been the engineer on the project. Buca (male) adds to it every now and then. Yesterday I saw him go to it and pee in it! The nerve. He didn't cover it. It hasn't phased her however. She dug a little more last evening and then stretched out in it.


It is nearly deep enough for me to insert a large tree and root ball, which I am seriously contemplating :). Buca will be happy - a vertical post to do business on!

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It happens here, too. It might be marking. Or not. My theory is that the dirt is cooler when it's wet, so she was making it wet. :dunno

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