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Thundershirt Question

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I wonder if by leaving it on all day, if that would lessen the working impact of the shirt the next time you need to use it? I have one for Ryder and it doesn't work for him, but you never know if it would provide a lot of comfort during the storms when you aren't home. Good luck.

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I use a Thundershirt on my girl, Joey, and it doesn't take away the anxiousness or fear, but it does take the edge off a bit - enough that I think it's worth using it. I leave it on Joey for as long as storms are predicted, but if it's hot I make sure to keep the AC on. If that's not possible I wouldn't leave it on your grey if you're not home. Good luck.

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I have left the TS's on if it was still storming and I needed to leave for work and it would be several hours before Kevin got home. Our A/C is set at 77. I do not put the TS's on just because there might be a storm coming. Our house is secure and our dogs have their comforting behavior.

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