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Change In Taste After Starting Phenobarbital?

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I was wondering if any other seizure dogs have had their taste change after they started on pheno? Tank had his seizure on May 15th. Along with that he hurt his right rear leg at some time during or after his episode. He was a bit off on his food for a while but we chalked it up to not feeling good and adjusting to everything. He then decided that he wanted to have the hungry dog side effect from the pheno. No problem. The only thing was is he was super hungry but would walk away from a full bowl of food. We'd really really have to coax him to eat. On a whim we stopped mixing his kibble with the wet food he loved. Sure enough, he went back to being the hoover dog we know and love.


Speaking of hungry dog, how can I bulk up his food with out giving him more kibble? We've been adding green beans but if we add too many he gets soft poop. Thanks for any advice you can spare.

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For Brady I use steamed broccoli or caulifower. He also had soft poops with green beans.




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You can get beet pulp in most feed stores. Make sure you soak it first. Or you can try adding Benefiber (make sure there's no fake sugar in it).

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I just use plain boiled potato, cheap and does what I want it to do. Also my dog is Irish so he's bound to love potatoes right? ;)


Eta: when my bridge kid Scully went onto Pheno his taste in food didn't change at all, he did get the munchies though and once he even tried to drink my bath water! He must have really loved me :lol

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