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Enclosed (Non-Dog Park) Areas In Dallas?

Guest Ariley

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Guest Ariley

Hi there I have a quick request for any other North-Texans-


Any suggestions for enclosed outdoor areas I can take my greyhound, Nixie, for an off-leash run, besides dog parks?


I've heard a lot of negative press about dog parks for thin-skinned greyhounds, and I'm new enough to dog ownership that I'm not 100% confident introducing my little 40lb Nixie to lots of other dogs off-leash.


Suggestions for enclosed baseball diamonds, running tracks, etc, particularly in the North Dallas/Addison/Carrollton area would be welcome!


Also, other North Texans who would like to get together for walkies, Nixie could use some practice meeting other dogs on-leash and I'd love to chat with other greyhound owners about general training experiences and so on.

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When I was living in Plano I used the baseball fields during off season times.

I always took a bunjy (have no idea how to spell that?) cord to sort of lock the gate. I walked the perimeter before letting the dogs run to check for open spots and I always cleaned up after them.


Most fields will say no dogs. It I never had a problem and I often ran into the parks maintenance people who would admire the dogs and then thanked me for cleaning up.

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She is beautiful. I love brindles. I am in Virginia so I have no suggestions.


Sorry and welcome to GreyTalk.




The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

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I don't have specific recommendations since I am not in your area either, but I've used this site to find baseball fields before: http://baseball.isport.com/baseball-fields/?&l=dallas%2C%20tx&k=&ct=US


You have to do a little further research to determine whether they're fully fenced (sometimes you can tell from Google Earth), but it's a starting point.


Nixie is a cutie. Love that last pic--so happy!


Rachel with feline rivals Tootie and Richard and squatter cats Crumpet and Fezziwig.
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Guest beetle_slayer

I live in Carrollton and there are 2 dog parks close by. One is on Kellar Spgs almost to Preston but several times I was there cars were getting broken into. I don't particularly care for it. Another place is GB and DNT (SE corner). This is frequently patrolled by Dallas Police (Far North Dallas). They have separate parks for the dogs and I have taken my 2 greys there with no problems. I am a worried pawrent too. My hounds stick to my side the whole time and occaisionaly my girl would wander off for a minute then come back. This park is nice and the people are ok there. Of course it might have all changed. I have used baseball fields before but I lived in Austin at the time. I do not feel safe at a big busy dog park, so I understand where you are coming from.

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