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Can Osteo Be Above The Elbow/behind Chest Area?

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Hi Pongo had clean x-rays about a month ago but limping progressively worse and now the area above his elbow around his chest (hard to describe) is very hard and he can't walk today. Stopped eating too. We are going back to the vet tomorrow but have no pain meds for him. Prednisolone didn't work. Just wondering if this could be osteo. He is 12.

Susan and Pongo

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Osteo can occur in any bone in any part of the body, but most often occurs in the longer larger bones of the leg, shoulder and hip.


Good luck.

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Yes, it can. Do you know Kim, who lived with Sebbie in Kitchener? He had osteo in his ribcage. I hope this isn't the case with sweet, sweet Pongo.


Treasure had clean x-rays and I was told she had a soft tissue injury. Her limp worsened so I took her in for laser treatments. We repeated the x-rays and it turned out she had osteo. I think it is very possible to the symptoms to appear before the lesion shows up on x-rays. Good luck :goodluck

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Our friends dog, Major, had osteo in his rib cage. He was being treat for CHF, in error. I wish you good luck with your boy.

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