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6 "dental Health" Products You Shouldn't Give To Your Dog

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A cure for cancer can't come soon enough.--

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Good article. I have been taught that if you can't bend it your dog shouldn't chew it. Brushing daily is your number one defense against periodontal disease. We extract at least one carnassial tooth a week due to slab fractures secondary to chews. I can hear the comments now--" my dogs have been chewing these for years without problems"----my reply---"you've been lucky" :-)

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Guest FordRacingRon

Leia is 11, never has had a dental and has all her teeth. A bit of tarter but too old to worry about it now. The key,,,brushed everyday. The only treat for cleaning she gets are bullysticks.


Question,,number 5 says "ROCKS",,,,what pray tell are rocks? good article.

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Question,,number 5 says "ROCKS",,,,what pray tell are rocks?










or maybe...








I may have to get a hold of this rock for scientific purposes....





although if my girls wanted to NOMNOMNOM on this Rock... I might have to rescue the Rock :hehe

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