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Cute New Behavior

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We've had Tracker for over 4 years now. He's my first dog, so I have nothing to compare to. He's still developing new and cute affectionate behaviors. We have a morning routine: right before his walk, he goes into happiness mode, which means he'll go goofy, I pet and scratch him, and he'll start growling/groaning/purring loudly. Most recently (just a two weeks ago) he added something new to the repertoire: when I stroke his back during these happiness fits he'll shudder his hind half, from the middle of the spine back towards the tail--just what dogs do when they shake off water. He did this today with two strangers who petted him, and he did it several times. I hardly could believe my eyes. He's not overly demonstrative, but he must have loved those two, and then to watch these shudders from a slight distance just cracked me up. Does anyone else's dog do this? It's like the pleasure just overwhelms him.

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My Annie's back half will shudder and/or shake, but not as much as if she's tossing off water. She does it, though, when her anti-inflammatory/pain pill has worn off and the pressure on her spine, which has arthritis, hurts her.

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