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Focal Seizures

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We took Ruby to the vet today to check her heart murmur and to get some medication for the anxiety that she has when there are fireworks and thunder. We also told him that lately she has been sitting up from a dead sleep, her ears perk up and she stares at a spot (the spots change) for several minutes. This has been happening the last 3 weeks or so. The vet said that she may be having "focal seizures".

A few days ago I was in another room when I heard what sounded like a fall. I got up as quick as I could and came out to see Ruby getting up off the floor and shaking her head. She seemed to be OK and laid right back down and fell asleep. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I am wondering if she had a seizure. It was a very loud thud, and there was no way that she fell off of anything. She never gets off her bed which is only 4" tall.

He ended up giving us some Xanax for her and telling us to keep an eye on her. She has had recent lab work and all was normal. As we were leaving, he grabbed her muzzle and was petting her and talking to her. I heard him ask her if she had a stroke. For some reason, that comment didn't register with me until I had left the office.

Has anyone heard of focal seizures ? Appreciate any comments.


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Focal seizures are common. Not always the precursor to full-blown seizures. If you search here in H&M you should find many threads full of info.

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