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Unsolicited Praise For Dog Food

Guest fenix916

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Guest fenix916

We're having great luck on Kirkland Chicken and Rice so far. On our vet's advice, we've had him on a homemade chicken, rice, and broth diet--this serves as a base of most of his food while we try to phase in tiny bits of kibble to see how he does. We followed our vets instructions, and everything we tried upset his tummy, even after giving him a chance to adapt (he tolerated a little merrick, but only a little). We'd then "reboot" his system on just the chicken, rice and broth, again per the vet. Finally, we got some Kirkland chicken and rice last week and he seems to be tolerating it really well. I never thought I'd be so excited by firm dog poop! Must be the beet pulp? Who cares, it works for our guy.


I know every dog is different, but just wanted to mention some good luck we're having, especially considering it's relatively inexpensive stuff. His poop isn't always super firm on this, but he's just started on it and it's definitely not giving him pudding poop straight out the gate--the opposite of everything else we tried.


Oh yea, and we had multiple poop samples tested for worms and parasites and whatever. That was clean!

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