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Peeing After Anesthesia

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For the first time in the six years I've hard her, Enza was put under anesthesia for an MRI on Wednesday. She came out of it fine and by last night was back to her happy, stuffie shredding self. However, she is needing to pee a lot more despite not drinking. She needed to go out every two-three hours all through the night and I am exhausted.


Is this just normal after anesthesia?

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I'm sure they gave her extra fluids while she was under, to help counteract potential ill effects of the anesthesia. That's pretty standard.

She may also be a little constipated for a day or two. That's not unusual either.

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Guest sireltonsmom

I think, like with humans, they give glucose via IV which would account for needing to pee more. Hope MRI is good!

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Nichole, I remember after Argos's dentals, he would pee gallons for a couple of days. I'm sure she's fine :)


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