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Laser Therapy Problems

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Bu started laser therapy a couple weeks ago. He's been limping on and off on his right shoulder for a couple years very minorly and I want to keep things from getting worse. He also limps on his right hip a couple times a year. My vet is getting certified in physical therapy so he did an hour long exam and manipulated Bu to see where the issues are. (He did have xrays during his dental in April that show nothing.) He found pain in the lower back/spine and he thinks the shoulder pain is actually neck pain. Right after that appointment was Bu's first laser session. He cried a bit during the neck portion. 2 appointments later, he was crying really badly during the neck part. The tech is great and immediately backs off if he cries and the avoids that area. She decided that the next appointment she would book the vet since Bu seemed to be getting worse. At the next appointment I mentioned that his microchip is in that area. I had mentioned it before, but they were told it was safe over microchips. Well, Bu's chip is closer to the surface and you can actually feel it as you pet him, so we put a piece of over the area so it's easy to avoid with the laser. For 2 sessions, that worked well. At his last session, Bu started crying again during the therapy with it was a good 6-8 inches from his chip. We have no idea what's going on with him. The tech has never seen a dog cry from laser therapy before. I'm obviously am not bringing him back for more. He's now terrified of the vets. Has anyone encountered this before?

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Did Bu have xrays taken of all the areas that were going to get laser treatment? My vet required it.

Was the tech pushing down or lightly gliding the transducer?

My mutt angle Pudge had no discomfort during treatment.


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It's funny that you bring this up because Larry started having laser therapy a few months ago along with his chiropractic adjustment. I stopped it this month because it didn't seem like it was doing anything and it was almost like it was making something worse. Before once he had his adjustment he was pretty spry the next day but since the laser - more lethargic. This last time without the laser and just the adjustment, he was spry again the next day. Maybe coincidence ....

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