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Limping When Getting Up After Resting

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My girl, Joey, who will be six in August, has been limping on one front leg when she first gets up from resting/napping. Once she gets moving around, she walks it off and seems to be okay. However, over the last few months the limp has gotten progressively more severe - meaning more severe when she first gets up. But even so it still stops once she starts moving around a bit. I do notice an occasional "hitch" when she trots. She's been to the vets and we can't find any place on her leg that is sore, swollen, or causes pain. Joey has been on two weeks of Rimadyl and Tramadol, along with rest, and it had no affect what so ever. She goes in for x-rays tomorrow. Of course we're worried about osteo. But has anyone else had such symptoms with their grey? If so, what was the diagnosis?

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Make sure your vet checks her neck and spine as well as her leg. If she's having a back or neck problem, she may move strangely when she first gets up in an effort to avoid tweaking the sore spot.

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Ryder was like this at age 3/4. We took him in for chiro regularly for about a year. Fixed him right up. Not saying that's the fix for you, but that's what worked for Ryder with a similar issue.

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Sounds like someone needs a chiro adjustment :nod

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Thanks for the recommendations, Krissn333, XTRWLD, and KF_in_Georgia. My vet has done some manipulations with her head and neck on two separate visits but didn't get any response of discomfort. I will talk with her more about this when I bring Joey in tomorrow. Once I see the x-ray result, chiro visit may be in order! Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.

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Sounds very much like Diamond's symptoms. She had an occasional limp that disappeared completely after she was up for a while and zero signs of pain when we/the vet felt her leg. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Osteo at the beginning of the month. Hers was even missed on three sets of X-rays.

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