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Diatomaceous Earth?

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Guest roweboy

One of the adoption people who did our home visit told us she uses a TBS per day of diatomaceous earth (food quality) in her dog's food every day. I read up on this and it sounds safe and has the potential to provide some great health benefits. Apparently people can take it, too (I did yesterday). I ordered some on Amazon and have been giving it to my dog for 3 days now. Actually, his breakfast this am was disgusting: grain-free kibble, a scoop of pumpkin, a TBS of this earth stuff, a TBS of salmon oil and some hot water. Good lord, did he love it! A frozen turkey neck this afternoon = one happy hound!


Does anyone else know about this or use it? Dog use? People use??

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Guest tinams8

I have definitely heard of people using it for animals as a parasite preventative. I haven't personally used it for that. I do have some that I use for killing potato bugs and slugs in my garden. Works well, but needs to be reapplied periodically and looks kinda funny. It's totally worth it instead of using pesticides though.

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I use it throughout our warm seasons.

I don't typically use it orally on the dogs or myself, but I do use it to dust their coat in the midst of summer to ward off fleas. I also dust the yard and perimeter of the house with it to keep the pests at bay. It does an excellent job of controlling earwigs, spiders, ants, and centipedes. I buy 50lb bags from a local farm supplier.


If we had an issue with worms like tapes, rounds or hooks, I would give it to the dogs in their meals and it helps clean them out.


Just be careful when handling because the particles are so fine, you (and your dogs) should avoid breathing it in. When I dust the dogs with it, I do it outside, point their nose to the wind and avoid their heads. Works like a charm!

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I've only used it on fur to get rid of/prevent fleas, which I don't really know how well that worked out other than having white powder all over my house. I hear it's good in the garden...... I have TOO much of it at home, so if it could be ingested, and have health benefits, I'm willing to use it to get rid of it!


I'll keep an eye on this post.

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Both my greyhound, Georgia, and I have taken it orally, and I also dusted her with it in an attempt to control fleas.


It is very important that you only use "FOOD QUALITY" diamataceous earth for human or canine consumption - neither you or your dog should ingest it if it isn't food quality.


My veterinarian was opposed to its use. I haven't really made up my mind whether to start up again, or not. But I think I would only use a teaspoon a day...

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