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What Is There To Do ?

Guest IrskasMom

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Guest IrskasMom

My Friends Greyhound had this now happen twice . The first time when they cut his Nails on the Front Paw , they did not file /or Dremel it smooth so it would not have any rough Edges.His Nail litterly digs into his Pad next to it until it bleeds . So I told my Friend to file it until smooth. She did . She had his Nails cut again and same thing again , except they filed it with a Dremel smooth.

Now the Nail still digs into his Pad . I bought some Moleskin but it does not stay on it for more then 10 Minutes . You can't bandage it up and she now cleans it up and put Neosporin on every Day.What else could she do ???


Wanted to add : Has anybody heard of Vetricyn and for what is it used ?

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Sometimes it has to do with the dog's feet. Edie and Cal were both prone to it. I've used Soft Claws on the nail that causes the problem:




I don't glue it on, just put in on firmly.

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Could she possibly be cutting them too short? Because of the shape of some dogs' feet, it might be necessary to leave the nails a little longer so this doesn't happen. I have had two dogs like this. Once I began leaving the nails a tad longer, it stopped happening.


I know it's considered 'the thing to do' (particularly in America) to cut the dogs' nails as short as possible at all times, but there are some cases when it's not actually a good thing. This might perhaps be one of them.


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She could try putting a teeny little piece of duct tape on that nail. It might stay better than moleskin and might make the nail slippery enough that it doesn't dig in there.

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No advice on the nail problem, but we sell quite a lot of Vetericyn at the tack shop where I work.


I have never used it but a LOT of people recommend it.




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