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Study: Canine-Hematologic And Serum Biochemical Reference Values In Re

Guest AnnieAreYouOK

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Guest AnnieAreYouOK

I was looking for a real study with actual data on greyhound blood work compared to other dogs. After scouring the web and hitting pay wall after pay wall, I finally found one and thought I'd share. Apologies if this is a repost.


First set of data is based on a sample size of 50 greyhounds with another repeated set of data based on 10 greyhounds after 90 days.







Hematologic data are presented in Table I and serumbiochemical data in Table II. The mean values forhemoglobin, creatinine, globulin, sodium, total carbondioxide, and anion gap were outside the canine refer-ence ranges for the Auburn University Clinical Patholo-gy Laboratory. Other tendencies noted were that meanplatelet and leukocyte counts were toward the low endof the reference ranges and hematocrit and total biliru-bin were toward the high end.


The percentage of greyhounds for which values felloutside the Auburn University reference range are pre-sented in Figures 1 and 2. More than 50% of dogs hadvalues outside the reference range for hemoglobin, crea-tinine, globulin, sodium, total carbon dioxide, and an-ion gap. Lower percentages of greyhounds had valuesabove or below the reference range for several otherhematologic or serum biochemistry values. Less than5% of the 50 greyhounds in this study had any individ-ual values outside the calculated greyhound referenceranges reported in Tables I and II.









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