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Swollen Leg....whatcha Think?

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Opal's left rear paw from the hock to her toes is swollen. Started Sat. We are going to the vets tonight but just wondering what your opinions are.


It doesn't seem to be sore. It may bother her a tad, but she's walking and trotting just fine. She already has a funny gait in the back because her other foot is fused. So that might hide any slight limp she has. I've poked and prodded and don't seem to elicit any pain reaction from her. She's stoic but not THAT stoic.


And I doubt it's a bug bite because I still have two feet of snow outside.


Don't see any cuts.


Haven't seen any spiders or other bugs inside.


If it was an infection I think it would be way worse by now.


It's not hot to the touch.


Any ideas?

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Same exact thing happened to Nube in 2012 while we were down in FL. Xray showed a "possible" piece of debris, but not for sure. We tried many things, nothing worked. The only thing that did was cold laser therapy. Within days it was considerably better. I would have thought it was a crock, but it was the ONLY thing that seemed to help.

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Ok, I held off going to the vets tonight because when I got home from work I could actually see her toes. The swelling is way down. Not 100% but still way down, so I'm going to watch it. Especially since it really doesn't seem to be bothering her.


She has been out in the snow and tried to chase some birds (she chases big hawks flying around). And we have ice crusted foot deep snow right now, so it absolutely can be soft tissue. I just couldn't illicit any painful reaction from her.


So I'm just sitting and waiting. It'd be nice not to spend more money on vets, I JUST paid off the last payment on my Care Credit from Opal's last big vet bill.

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The swelling is all gone and she is left with a 'knot' on the front of the leg between the hock and foot. It it were a human it would the equivalent of the top of your foot.


So, I'm guessing that chasing the birds on Sat, she bruised it on the ice.


Nothing like a scare to keep the heart pumping.

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Just saw this, glad it's resolving!!! Aston has had a few bouts of oddball mystery pick-a-leg swelling, but his has developed into a pattern. He's under a two-pronged treatment -- immunosuppressive to treat as though his body is overreactive, and also doxycycline to treat for a possible flying-under-the-radar tickborne disease.

How is Opal today? Hope things are less icy out. :goodluck

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Actually, more icy. All the snow is now packed down and is solid enough for them to run on without falling thru. It's about 6 inches deep. But not too slippery. Yesterday they all had a really good run. the first in weeks. And ended up crashing on their beds for the rest of the day. Exhausted.


Opal's boo-boo leg is all healed except for a small knot. And looking at the back feet of my other two, it looks to be exactly where the large vein splits into two. So I'm betting she blew that vein.


thanks for asking.

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