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Help...paw Pad Missing, Poor Little Nugget!

Guest DeniseL

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Guest DeniseL

Izzy has been licking, biting, chewing on her toes on and off for the last few weeks. The winter has been hard on her, and I am sure she has never dealt with snow in this capacity in her little lifetime.


I noticed a little bit of her pad missing from her front paw a few days ago. She started limping today and when I looked, I saw a bigger layer of pad is completely gone! I'm not sure what she did to it. Maybe its the wear and tear from the last few weeks catching up? Anyhoo, it is painful and I feel terrible for my little nugget.


I have been putting a little antibiotic ointment or bag balm on it and covering it up with a bootie when she has been messing with it over the last week, so I don't know how it really got to this point. Now she wont put weight on it even with the cushy paw on.


Her back pad is also irritated and a little red, she has been licking/chewing on all of them on and off.






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Since home remedies haven't helped so far, I'd want the vet to take a look. The vet might be able to determine what's going on and also alleviate her discomfort.


I know rock salt and the like can be hard on a dog's paws and also cause stomach upsets if licked, but this may be more than that.

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I wonder if she has gotten into some road chemicals? I would take her in since it's affecting multiple feet. Also, look into some booties for her to wear outside - Voyager has good ones, Therapaw, there's some rubber balloon type ones whose name I'm forgetting (Pawz, maybe).

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