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My Naughty Monkey Ate A Roll Of Painters Tape

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Fred my foster ate a roll of almost empty painters tape. How bad is this? How worried should I be? Right now he's sleeping peacefully next to me (he was roaching a bit ago). He ate it about an hour ago. The tape was almost gone but do I need to be worried about the tape part?




These dogs are going to be the death of me.... :flip

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The main hazard will be if it comes back up and blocks his windpipe. I would call your vet for further instructions. He may want you to give bread but I wouldn't do it without checking.


Here's the MSDS sheet on 3M Painters Tape. If it was a different brand, Google the brand name and MSDS. You should find the sheet that will advise of ingestion side effects. http://www.c2f.com/msds/MMM-PaintersTape.pdf


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No advice.....just good wishes. Hopefully he got mostly cardboard.


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Hopefully you'll see some blue (I presume it was blue color tape) passing in Fred's poo.......


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