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Holistic/homeopathic Vets In Phoenix Area?

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Can anyone recommend any holistic/homeopathic vets in the Phoenix area?


We've got a situation with our 7-year-old Maltipoo and would prefer to get him opted-out of his rabies shot by a vet, which is permissable in Maricopa County. (His specialist in Connecticut does not want him to have it.)

Max developed diabetes a year after he had a very bad (and rare) case of Babesiosis, a tick fever that's normally in the Southeast. For most dogs, it causes minimum problems. In fact, Millie, our greyhound who died many years ago, was a tick magnet but never got sick. I only saw 2 ticks on Max all that summer, and yet he nearly died. There's a concern that there could be an underlying autoimmune problem or that the shot could bring one on. After he was well from the tick fever, he developed terrible skin infections from weed/grass allergies, much worse than the year before. Could be another red flag.

The specialist who cares for his diabetes isn't an holistic vet and doesn't see a problem.
Another holistic vet with whom we also consult long-distance for our other special needs pets agrees there's no reason to take a chance with him. Max rarely goes anywhere. He could be OK getting the shot, but God forbid if anything were to happen after 2 vets warned us, I'd never forgive myself.

BTW: The vets we consult with are THE tops in their field. known worldwide. The other day, one called me from his conference in Vienna.


Any recommendations for a good vet in our area that doesn't adhere to allopathic veterinary practices entirely, but rather considers alternative medicine when needed? A local vet needs to sign the waiver.


Thank you.

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My vet signed that for Lazer... she told us he shouldn't get rabies vaccine.

Dr. Venable at Fletcher Heights animal hospital in Peoria. She isn't homeopathic, but does have alternative bent to acupuncture, chiropractic , and worked with me and lazer for the past 2+years when I added holistic supplements and essential oils to his allopathic treatments.

lorinda, mom to the ever revolving door of Foster greyhounds

Always in my heart: Teala (LC Sweet Dream) , Pepton, Darbee-Do (Hey Barb) , Rascal (Abitta Rascal), Power (Beyond the Power), and the miracle boy LAZER (2/21/14), Spirit (Bitter Almonds) 8/14

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I've looked on that website before.

I don't know what's going on in the animal world, but we rarely used to have an animal that had a chronic condition. Now all of ours (4 cats, 1 dog) have something going on.

Our grey did have skin cancer, and we'd seen a couple of neurologic twitches, but Millie lived nearly until 15.

One of the long-distance vets with whom we consult (Dr. Don Hamilton, who literally wrote the book on veterinary homeopathy) said it really does seem that pets these days have more illnesses.

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Suzanne Stack, DVM is a Greyhound expert who practices in the Yuma, AZ area. Her expertise ranks right up there with Dr. Couto, in my opinion. I don't know where her practice is near Yuma or the name of it, but if you could contact her, she probably would be able to provide you with the info you seek. She has a Greyhound health site: www.greythealth.com that has many valuable articles about various Grey health issues.

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