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Don't You Think This Is Strange ?

Guest Downtownhoundz

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Sneakers loves Jello also, especially cherry! As long as it isn't the sugar free kind there is no reason they can't have some. I make up a batch and put it into small single serving containers. I usually add some fruit. when I share it with Sneakers I usually leave some fruit also, he loves peaches. Sky and Dood like jello also, but not as much as Sneakers.

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That is weird. It's the one thing my previous pups (including Gidget, who's still here) haven't much cared for. They'll eat it, but it doesn't seem to have big appeal for them. Haven't tried giving Star any yet.

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It's food, kinda :lol

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Yup. Hooves and hides. Don't know how good the sugar is for them, but I might make some jigglers for the girls what a cool snack for them. Just thinking . . . there is lots of food coloring in jello so if it doesn't agree with your pup for some reason anything thrown up will be the color of the jello . . . ummm, and jello will stain everything. So maybe instead I'll make the jigglers with gelatin instead. :nod

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