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Best Contact For Dr. Cuoto's Opinion


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Dr. Couto via his website:




and by his email:




I remember reading sometime the last few days in another thread that he's been on a speaking tour in Europe - don't know of his return.


Sending good thoughts for Gamo :grouphug

I think he is in PA next week. But I will try the email. Thank you!


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I've had a few separate consults with Dr. Couto since October for Aston. Here was my experience when I first contacted him (taken from http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/301799-dr-couto-is-available-for-consults/page-2?hl=%2Bmnmdogs+%2Bo_rooly&do=findComment&comment=5606374, hope the formatting doesn't get too garbled):

"I initially sent Dr. Couto the backstory on Aston's case, along with the path report + xrays and a blood culture report that were used in diagnosing his severe foot infection. He responded saying that he needed more information, and from there we had a few days of back-and-forth between him and me, and me and my vet. My vet was very cooperative with running updated bloodwork, a urinalysis, etc., even though she wasn't completely on-board with some of Dr. Couto's thoughts on greyhound blood markers (since Aston's high-for-a-greyhound globulin was well within the "normal dog" range). It felt pretty awkward to call my vet a few times a day with updates and further requests from a mystery oncologist on travel in Spain :lol , but oh well.

I'm sure that there are great oncologists locally, I don't mean to discount them at all. However, it's hard to beat getting to pick the brain of a leading researcher in how cancer presents in greyhounds. :) "

With Aston's latest issue, my vet actually requested that I contact Dr. Couto again to double-check xrays. So, it feels a lot less awkward to keep getting a second opinion :)

Dr. Couto has typically gotten back to me the same day, often within a few hours. I don't know how he does it! But I did also read that he's currently traveling.

I send a new payment to Dr. Couto automatically if a consult is on a "new" issue (unfortunately, we've had many seemingly independent issues); otherwise, I have just updated him on ongoing issues if changes occur.

Hope this helps!

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