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This whole dog food issue has my head spinning. As you might know from my other posts, Ruby was on Natures Domain from Costco and was doing great for the last year and a half. We bought a new bag and the gas is horrendous. Decided to switch after posting about it on here and I got ProPlan Sensitive. When my husband was carrying it in, he said "I can't believe YOU are going to feed Purina to Ruby". I asked him what that meant and he said Purina is junk and again, he can't believe I bought that.

Now he is not a dog food expert and the rating looked good. Is there something I should be concerned about here ?


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I think the most important thing is to find a food she likes and does well on, regardless of it`s rating.


When we had our Great Danes, we bought a specialty food from out breeder - because it was supposedly "better" for them. Come to find out, after months of them having diarrhea and losing weight, that the food had been contaminated with melamine. This was a top rated kibble that cost us around $50 for a 40 lb bag.


We switched to Pedigree after that and never had another problem. Pedigree even made it through the last melamine scare without an issue. But they began changing their formulas, and our greyhounds didn't do as well on the improved formula.


We now feed Nutra Nuggets and everyone is doing well - holding their weight, good poops, no gas, good energy level.


There are people who feed their dog much less expensive and highly rated kibbles and their dogs do just fine. Unless your dog is in a performance sport like agility or lure coursing, or has a medical issue that needs a specific type of food, kibble is kibble. You find one that's a compromise of what you can afford and what your dog does well on.


Your husband might be referencing this last bunch of bad dog food that was contaminate with melamine from China. Purina had it in every brand of kibble, I think. But I also think that most kibble producers are trying harder to not have that happen again.


But like I said, if the ingredients look good and Ruby does well on it, I would tend to stick with it, despite opinions.

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I say, feed whatever your dog does well on. I've done the whole "you have to feed grain free (or expensive) kibble otherwise you're feeding crap" route. My girl hated all that stuff. So I'm one of the Iams green bag converts and she had been eating it for about a year. Recently, I tried again with Merrick Classics -- after a month, her coat was duller and she was lethargic. We went back to Iams and she started playing again THE SAME DAY. So Iams it is.


Here's a chart I recently plucked from Facebook. I have NOT checked if all the information is true and correct.




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I have fed Purina for years, to several herds of greyhounds, 'Tzu's, Creasties, and cats, with no problems.


Feed what works for your dog and your pocketbook, not what the internet tells you to do.

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Guest Scouts_mom

I've always considered Purina Dog Chow to be garbage (not really sure why), but Purina One and Purina Pro to be good foods if they work with your dog' s tummy.

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IMO the best of Purina food is Beyond but you have to keep an eye on feeding amounts as it is high calorie. I've used Pro Plan and Purina One with good results. When times were really tough around here they ate Dog Chow and lived to tell the tale.

I've said it a million times but most real dog men and women feed Purina.

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I believe in feeding what works for your dog. I feed Iams green bag because it works for my pups. Years ago I fed Purina and at one time when I was really poor the dogs got generic whatever I could afford and did fine. I've tried some of the more expensive dog foods because occasionally I feel guilty in spite of the fact that they are doing good and I always end up going back to what works for them.

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I'm envious of those who can switch with little or no problems. The only thing that doesn't give Annie extremely soft poo or diarrhea is Iams in the green bag, and even then, it's not firm enough to roll down the hill, as is often said. But she likes it. Her poos are basically fine, she has as much energy as ever (which is very little....this girl likes retirement), and she has no gas. In an effort to get more firm poos, if only to have them easier to pick up, I've tried probiotics and other additives that have been recommended, and nothing changes for the better, though a couple changed the output for the worse. So Iams it is with occasionally something tasty to spice it up, such as a bit of peanut butter, a dash of parm cheese, a torn up slice of American cheese. I don't do this with every meal because I don't want her to depend on additions but maybe every other meal or every third meal.

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