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Joint Clicking, But No Pain..advice?

Guest snowmo18

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Guest snowmo18

So our girl Polly is 5 and the last few weeks we have noticed a clicking coming from her right leg..at first I thought it was the noise when their toenails hits the wood floor, but its coming from her right ankle/elbow? joint. She hasnt slowed down, doesnt lick it or act like shes in pain. Its a very consistent click..if I go to pick up her leg and bend it, I can guarantee it will click 100% of the time...but just once..if I repeatedly bend it, no mor eclicking until she re-stands on it/bears her weight. Also when you look at her front on..you can see that this joint (insde of the leg) is slightly larger...the bone..not swelling or ligaments or muscle..just the hard boney knot..and its always been like that for the 2.5 years we have had her.


Any thoughts? I can now identify which dog is coming down the hallway at night without having to see who it is because the click is so loud.

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