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Started Lucky On Trazodone

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Lucky started marking in the house Fall of 2012. Nov 2012- took him to the vet to make sure he didn't have a UTI, turns out he had a mass on his spleen that was leaking. 2 days later he had an emergency splenectomy. He was great for a few months, then started marking again. I was able to determine his triggers (mostly anxiety) and work on it.

He was only marking maybe once a week. This past Wed, I took him in for a dental. He was totally freaked out, panting, sloppy, mess. Vet gave me trazodone and he calmed right now. I wasn't sure I believe it possible but it was true.


I decided to keep giving him trazodone. I can give him up to 6 pills a day but right now I'm giving him 2 a day to start and see how he does.


Today, I left him loose in the house to see if he'd mark. I went home at lunch and he had not so fingers crossed that it's working. Normally I baby gate him in the spare bedroom and he rarely marks in there.


Anyone else giving trazodone?

I'm starting Passion on it as well. It's such a cheap drug and if it helps, I'm going to keep giving it.



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They gave it to Frannie when she was at the U for her resection

because she was whining a lot and they thought she was stressed out.

Frannie whines all the time every day, that's just Frannie.

It kind of spaced her out, but it did keep her from whining!

Has never been on it long term Kari so I don't know.

Sure hope it works for Lucky. What a life saver that would be for you.

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We had been using alprazolam for situational anxiety relief, but our vet gave us a sample of trazadone recently. It works *very* well for us. Much the same as the alprazolam, with the added benefit that it will also work after she's become anxious and upset. She's not drugged up or sedated, just really caaaalllllmmmm! Which is what we wanted. One pill will usually do us for most of the day. Side effects seem to be minimal, as well.

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Guest Giselle

Wow, I have definitely not considered using up to 6 pills of trazodone a day for an extended period of time.


Current recommendations are to use drugs like alprazolam and trazodone as necessary prior to known trauma/stress-inducing situations. For example, when traveling with a severely anxious animal, a dose of trazodone may be appropriate, as long as all the other training is being used, too. Drugs should complement training, and I'm not sure how I feel about stuff like trazodone being given multiple times a day for an extended period of time. Is there a reason your vet chose this route?

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I'm weighing in for humans only, but it may relate to greyhounds. Trazadone is frequently given multiple times of day for extended periods of time in humans for anxiety and/or sleep issues (and also for some kinds of chronic pain like fibromylangia). It doesn't typically cause the sedative effects of a benzo.

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I take trazadone for insomnia - if I don't go to bed shortly after taking it I feel loopy and can barely walk straight. I can't imagine taking it during the day. I'm sure the dog dose is lower, though.

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