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Recent Excessive Barking Problem

Guest kaiandsam

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Guest kaiandsam

We have had our grey Gracie for two years. She didn't get the memo that Greyhounds don't bark. She doesn't bark at the doorbell or strangers or anything like that. She barks with purpose. Normally she has an occasional session of barking/rooing (meaning lots of full barks with an occasional roo thrown in for effect). Usually it means she wants to go outside and we haven't responded to previous cues or rarely she is trying to get my husband's attention. I would say that on average she does this maybe two times a week and the barking/rooing normally lasts 30 seconds to a minute. She stops when she gets the attention or the door is opened or when you ask her to be quiet. Never has she indulged in barking for the sake of barking.


Then things changed....


We brought home a new whippet puppy three weeks ago. Gracie does not necessarily like the new puppy and tends to get snarky with her at times. Whether that is here nor there remains to be seen.


About a week after we brought the puppy home, Gracie started with the barking. Now she barks for no apparent reason. She could have just come in from outside, or be in the process of being petted and she just starts barking/rooing. And she doesn't let up. She does it for several minutes and doesn't respond to commands to be quiet. And she does it at odd hours, like now at 3am when the rest of the house is asleep. It is now not only a daily occurrence, but several times a day. She looks straight at me when she does it, like she is trying to tell me something. She is not barking at the puppy, but her barking starts the puppy barking. Then it becomes an all out bark fest.


I should note that also concurrent with the start of the barking was the recent cold snap with well below zero temps here in Minnesota. She hasn't been staying outdoors long enough to get in a quick zoomie session. Walks are out of the question because she won't wear boots and her feet freeze just going outside for a couple of minutes to pee. My husband thinks the barking is just a symptom of cabin fever and that she will stop when the weather improves enough for her to do her daily routine of a 5 minute run in the backyard in the evening.


Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Ideas on what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like a combination of cabin fever and/or jealousy over the new puppy. Are you giving her lots of attention without the puppy being involved? When ever I bring a new dog into the house I always pay more attention to the dog that was already in residence. Lots of positive reinforcement for interacting appropriately with the new dog. Old dog always gets everything first. Puppies by their nature require a lot of time and attention. Also, lets face it, they are CUTE and so it is easy to get wrapped up in that cuteness. The other possibility is that your dog doesn't like the puppy; that doesn't mean it can't work it just means that you have to work harder at it.


If it is cabin fever try some training in the house. Making them think can tire them out too. Try some training some new tricks with tiny treats and lots of praise while the puppy is in another room. I'm sure others will jump in with more suggestions.


Congratulations on the new puppy and ummm, where are the pictures? :rules :digicam

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She barks with purpose. Through the years there have been 11 campers here and my observations are that some dogs simply have more to say and a stronger (more vocal) way of communicating. Cabin fever and the new puppy (agreed, where are the photos??!) could certainly be contributing to Gracie's vocalizations. Is there an horse indoor arena where you could take Gracie to let her run? Car rides (if you can get out) that include walking the aisles through Petco and most Home Depots can help. She is trying to tell you something and listening can be a challenge but please keep trying to "hear" what Gracie is trying to tell you.

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