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Thursday night we were hanging out and I look at Sailor in his bed and he looks like a bobble head. He was alert and responsive. My first thought was seizure. I call my vet (at home since it was 9:30) and ask if I need to go to the evet. He said no unless he has a few more, but to bring him in for bloodwork in the AM. At breakfast time on Friday, Sailor was doing his normal running around getting in the way begging routine when he had another one. I brought him to the vet who watched the video I took of the first one and confirmed focal seizures. The bloodwork came back today. Bun levels were a tiny high, she's not concerned , but wants to keep an eye on it and test again in 6-12 months. His creatin was a tiny high, she's not worried, but wants to do a urine test just in case. His thyroid was a bit low .7 I think, so she's running a panel to check. She's not aware of greyhound levels, so if anyone can post a source to send her, that would be great. The other vet in the office does know greyhounds better, but I do like this one as well. Sailor doesn't seem to realize anything is wrong. I am definitely worse off than him right now. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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BUN/creat were a little high for a greyhound or a little high for a dog? Remember that most greyhounds have slightly elevated BUN/creat.


When I test my guys their thyroid levels are so low they are actually unable to give me an actual number. They just give me <____ (whatever the lowest detection point is). But running a full thyroid panel might be a good idea in light of the seizures.


I'm at work so can't pull up the resources. But I'm sure someone else here will be able to do that shortly.

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A .7 *may* be low or it may not be. What have his levels been before? It might be worth a trial of supplementation depending on what the full panel says. Low thyroid can contribute to seizure activity.


Begin keeping a seizure log - date, time, duration, activity before, during and after. Videoing the episodes is good. Give him a little vanilla ice cream afterwards, as seizures can really deplete there blood sugar levels.


Since he's had two now within 24 hours, you may want to consider a consult with a veterinary neurologist.


You may want to keep him separated from other dogs in the house when you are gone, for his safety.

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I did start a journal. We're hoping that it was due to exposure to something (although I have no idea what!) and that these were his last. Since these are focal seizures and he's completely alert and responsive through them, we aren't too worried yet, but both dogs are muzzled when I'm gone and I'm going to work on crate training again in case they turn into more serious seizures. The second seizure happened during his morning breakfast excitement and didn't even slow him down. I don't think he has any idea anything is happening. Bu at this point sleeps or ignores them, so that's a good thing.


There's the video of the first one. You can see him responding to me and the cat. You can also see Bu sleeping away in the background.

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I've experienced something similar with my girl, Baby. One day she had a seizure, and she now has them about every 3-4 months. Baby's are a bit stronger than Sailor's, but nothing like the seizures that others have posted.


A few things I've learned that may help you:

> relax. Sailor will pick up on your concern, and that won't help him.

> if you go to a neurologist, be aware that your appointment may be WEEKS away.

> keep records. And since you will probably be adding people to Sailor's medical support team, figure out how to keep everyone informed of what everyone else is doing (I normally have 2 vets, but have a doggy chiropractor, a homeopathic vet, and now a neurologist on Baby's medical team ... that's a lot of records to sync up, and if there are medications, you may need to take an active role in ensuring that they are compatible).

> by now, you'll need another reminder to RELAX. This time, I'd suggest looking through some Greytalk threads for more information and guidance. or an adult beverage, if that works better for you.

> I'm so glad that both hounds are muzzled when you're not home ... during the next seizures, pay attention to how your other hound notices Sailor's behavior. You just want to be prepared for how much you might need to keep your pups separated in the event that Sailor's seizures get worse.

> It helped immensely for me to notice the little 'signs' that Baby might be approaching a seizure --- she starts blinking a lot (sometimes with only one eye, like she's 'winking' at me) and licking her lips constantly. The homeopathic vet gave a treatment if I started noticing those early indicators ... which I used for the first time this past weekend to great success (won't know if Baby was really going to have a seizure or not, but I'm ok with that since she didn't have one last weekend).


Keep us updated ... there are wonderful people here who have huge experience with what you're dealing with.

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I agree definitely relax. Zelda doesn't have the head tremors, but actually goes all stiff and cannot stay standing, although you can see in her eyes that she isn't totally out of it. It wasn't until I saw her actually convulse that the vets gave me any meds for her as I only saw a seizure once/month and they seemed stress induced. Now with her meds, the seizures are very rare.


Before she had her meds, I'd just talk softly and pet her until she came back around...she was usually pretty warm, so she'd go get a drink of water.

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Could Sailor be experiencing Idiopathic Head Tremors? My boy had this happen to him a few times and it scared me big time. Turned out he had idiopathic head tremors, which although frightening to watch, aren't too serious. (You can google this to get lots of info.). My guy didn't lose consciousness, was alert and aware of everything, just that his head kept shaking. If he gets a treat he immediately stops - maybe because he is focusing on chewing. He hasn't had any recently, but a treat always works.


I did take him to the vet, and all was fine with him. I hope this is merely what Sailor is going through.

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My foster boy Gio has idiopathic head shakes, except his go up and down and it appears that Sailor's go left to right....not sure that it makes a difference. He had them fairly frequently when he first came to our group, and since I have had him he had them a few times in the summer (my log is in another room) and had one in December and hasn't had any since that I've seen. Our vet said it's not anything to be concerned about, he is alert and focused during them and they don't seem to bother him at all.

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No advice, just good thoughts for you and Sailor.

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angel Icarus had focal seizures that were a little worse than that. They didn't bother him at all and he'd be right as rain after it passed. I have a couple videos of him having an episode.


The journal is a great idea. I had one for Icarus too. The first thing I had to do was figure out triggers... the number one item that caused them was PineSol floor cleaner. I couldn't use it at all. I ended up switching to washing the floors with Vinegar and water and I nixed all chemical cleaners. Number two was low blood sugar. He'd seize if he went all night without eating something, so we started to make sure he got a cookie just before bed and that he was fed first thing in the morning (after first potty).


Sometimes giving him something to eat as you started seeing the seizure begin actually stopped it from happening.. something to try if Sailor does it again.


Most importantly, as others have said, relax. Focal Seizures are relatively harmless, and they tend to pass quickly. It's more stressful for us to watch than it is for them to experience. Icarus' signs became clear after I started observing his behavior closely. I was able to know within hours if we were going to have an episode and prepare for it. I should also note that Phenobarbitol didn't help Icarus.


Sending healing thoughts to Sailor and calming thoughts to you.

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