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Coupon For Free 15 Lb. Bag Of Natural Choice Nutro


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For those who feed their dogs Nutro/Natural Choice OR whose dogs' tummies don't mind mixing in some other food for variety-- we had a coupon for a free 15 pound bag of Natural Choice Nutro dog food in the coupon section today Jan. 12 2014. (it was either in the Wilmington News Journal OR the Phil. Inquirer).


You buy the 15 pound bag-- and then mail in the receipt, UPC code, and special form and they reimburse you up to $39.99.


I got a bag in a Petco this afternoon. And the store had kindly taped a coupon on each bag. I already had a coupon, so I took a bag "without".


Looks like you can get the rebate coupon: in a coupon insert, at a pet store, or on the Nutro website.


When I have free samples or other things like this, I mix some in with their regular food for variety.

NOTE: Do not do this if your grey has a very sensitive stomach or allergies, etc.

Our three tend to like things labeled "food"..... so if it makes a bag of dog food last a little longer and gives a little variety, it's all good... :chow


This is not an endorsement of the product. ;)



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