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Losing Hair

Guest Zizi

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Hi everyone, I'm here needing some advice again, I have noticed that on the inside corners of Jerzis eyes she is losing her fur. The corners are balled. Also happen around her ears. This was never like this. I know greyhounds don't have a smell and if you rub her back there is no smell left on your hands, but if you rub her head area or rub her ears you're hands stink afterwards. There is no smell coming from inside of her ears.


Is this something I should be alarmed about? Any ideas of what it may be? Anyone else hound experience this? Any input on this subject would be great. I'm a fairly new mom to greyhounds.

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Is she itchy??? The smell you are noticing you be yeast--secondary to allergies.

She does itch her head area now and than nothing that I thought was excessive. I thought maybe dry skin. It is so so dry in our house we are all suffering.

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