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Upset Tummy Woes...

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So, for the past couple of weeks, Robin has had on-again, off-again tummy issues. Occasional bouts of diarrhea, some soft stool, but I keep thinking it has cleared because then his poops will be fine for a few days. But then it will hit again... Nothing too horrible, really, though it has involved some really gross messes to come home to, since he can't manage to contain such events. But I have noticed the occasional time where it seems to be accompanied by an upset stomach, or possibly cramping. Definitely discomfort, because he will pant and pant....and often combined with gurglies and/or horrible, foul-smelling gas.


Like right now. The house smells horrible, and he woke up a few minutes ago panting like crazy. Finally made him go outside with me and jogged until he pooped, and he seems calmer and more relaxed. The poop was small, and a little soft, but formed.


My question is, does anyone have any ideas for something I can do to help relieve his discomfort during these episodes? Pepcid is somewhat out, because he takes pepcid regularly twice a day already, and he's almost at the daily dosage limit, so I don't really want to play around with giving it at different times. Is there something else i can offer that I can know won't interact with pepcid, and that is neutral enough that it won't interfere with his other meds? (Robaxin, meloxicam, and gabapentin). Another medicine? Something herbal? (do I remember chamomile tea being an option?) Warm compresses?


I hate watching him feeling bad without being able to offer something to help. But I have IBS, and I know when it happens to me, there's not much to be done except wait it out and try to go. (TMI time)


(By the way, I did take a fecal sample in to the vet today. I finally put it together that this could be something, rather than just delicate old man digestion, so I want to rule out anything else. I can't seem to get it stable this time. So the vet is on it!)


Thanks for any ideas!


Cathy & Calvin (DOB 9/18/13). Always missing my angel Robin (Abdo Bullard).
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Guest grey_dreams

The idea of giving Manuka honey is fascinating. Do you add it to the food on a regular basis? Or do you give it periodically? Or do you just offer a spoonful of honey? Thanks in advance for more information :)

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I gave it to Fletcher with his food on a daily basis. It seemed to help prevent flare ups of his IBD. Because of the antibacterial properties of the honey? I don't know, but it worked. I see you did give the vet a fecal sample, it does sound like he may have something going on, maybe, I am not sure what the correct terms are, but there is an overgrowth of bad stuff in the intestines that can cause intermittent problems (sorry I can't be more specific!)

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I usually give about a teaspoon to Nadir before meals when he starts having stomach problems. I just let him lick it right off the spoon. Sometimes though if his stomach is really upset he won't lick it, in those instances I rub it on his gums so he ends up eating it. I have seen him countless times walk away from his food, because his stomach has been hurting him, only to return and eat it after giving him Manuka honey. I make sure I always have at least 2 jars in my house so that I never run out.

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