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Increasing Affection

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Just a heads up for new owners of the more aloof version of our favourite breed. I know many of you are at times concerned when your Grey growls at you when you approach while they are down. There are many threads that discuss this that are worth reading. My Hester is one such Grey who after two years will still occasionally “ask” members of my family to be left alone (but no growling at his daddy for almost a year now.)


What we are learning however is that Hester loves to be touched when he is up and he is taking it to quite a high level. He presents himself for gentle stroking of the belly (not the chest) after meals, and thorough ear neck, and leg scratching is a twice daily requirement. Most interesting of all Hester loves to rub his face against my face. When this first happened he was concerned but now if I pull away he follows and demands more. It is very cat like – the way a cat would rub its face against your leg. If I get the nerve I will post a video (it’s a bit weird).


So don’t despair, your Grey may never be able to snuggle with you on the couch but there is lots of affection that can be given standing up. Just build up slowly and don't persist if the dog seems uncomfortable or nervous.


Not the face rubbing but he likes this type of contact also:


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I love Hester!


Payton is only comfortable with brief moments of affection. Your picture reminds me of how when I kiss him on the head, he will sniff my face and he just start giving me a quick lick. A couple of days ago, he sniffed my face and as he was doing it I thought "I hope he doesn't bite my face off". Just then, he reverse sneezed and scared the crap out of me!

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Hester is such a special boy, with his own way of bonding and affection. The two of you seem to share something special. Isn't it amazing how just the right dog finds the human they both need?


I've noticed similar with Livs. We just passed our two year mark. It has been within the past few months that she has become much more affectionate on her own. She's always been a sweetie but it just keeps growing exponentially.

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Guest Waterdog66

Audrey has resorted to every sort of Canine Pandering possible to get affection from us. Her best ploy yet is to just stand there and give us "The Look".


Her favorite lately is when we come in from our early morning walk, she will quietly stand there waiting for me to give her strokes but also to warm her ears up. I do this by gently rubbing them between the palms of my hands.

Ear Rubs, Belly Rubs, Neck Rubs etc.

What we do is to give her the attention she wants in short intervals and let her ask for more. This has resulted in classic "Velcro Dog" behavior.


One interesting thing is that she loves to just sit beside you as long as you are being quiet. When the noise level picks up or if the person giving affection starts to get chatty, she will quietly disengage and walk over to her bed and lie down.

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I can attest that some of the "aloof" greys will grow more affectionate as the years go by. Capri has been with us for about five years now and she still does new heart-melting stuff. Her newest thing is giving sweet little nose/cheek licks to me and DH when she's in the mood and we're at her eye level. The other day we were cuddling on the couch (which really means sitting next to each other, butts touching), and I got up to get ready for walkies. I usually sit on the window seat to put my shoes on, and very often she will jump up there and stand behind me. This time she sphynxed behind me so I started petting her. Then she laid her head on my lap. Walkies were a bit delayed... :wub:


Oh, and I have noticed a strong difference in the eye contact/getting into your dog's face issue. As we say here all the time, never, EVER do that to a dog you don't know. But when you have a loving, trusting relationship with a dog they seem to welcome it. Mine frequently get up into MY face. Then, of course, I have to smooch them between the eyes. Ajax comes up for a quick look/smooch and then turns his face away, seems too intense. But Capri will get up and almost touch noses with me, both of us looking cross-eyed into each other's eyes and she will stare at me like that for a fairly long time. I can't decide if she's just smelling my breath or doing the greyhound mind-meld thing. .... cookies..... must.... get.... coooookieeesss.....

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James has also gotten more affectionate, though I would never say he was ever aloof. I've taught him to "hug." I named this behavior after he did it over and over again upon our arrival home in the evenings. I sit down on the floor, open my arms up wide, and usually without evening saying "hug," he walks over to me and puts his to my chest. DH and I are pretty much not allowed to be on the floor without touching him. He melts my heart! :beatheart

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