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New Greyhound! Help With Potty Schedule!

Guest kiyahound

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Guest kiyahound

This is me and my husbands first greyhound! We have only had her for 3 days! We love her but we are new to this and need some advice. We are trying to get her on a potty schedule that is the same everyday and works around our work hours. I work 12-9pm so I usually taker her out first thing in the mornig (around 7:00). Then feed her at 8:00. Then take her out again around 8:30/8:45. Then I do what I need to do before leaving for the day. My husbands schedule is not as set, he is currently looking for a job and is working a part time one now. He is basically gone from 8:00-4:00ish...varies on the day. We are struggling with not taking her out TOO many times. I am wondering how long this takes and any tips from you guys. How did you guys get your hound on a schedule?


She has gotten up before at 2:30 needing to go out, we took her because she had to go but I don't want her thinking that's gonna be her schedule!


How long have you guys left your dog in a crate?

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Guest DogNewbie

Congrats on your new houndie! You must post some pictures :flip


I am no expert but my partner and I got our first hound in July. We went with a strict schedule of:

7:00am- walk

7:45am- Breakfast

12:00pm- Bathroom

5:00pm- Walk

6:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Bathroom


I came home on my lunch break to let him out of his crate so he could have a potty break. Every time he was left alone he was crated, until about 1 week ago when we moved and are no longer renting. This potty break schedule worked pretty well. He did have some accidents but those were usually our fault for not taking him out soon enough or not taking him out right after a car ride or a trip to the vet or pet store. For a while he got up really early- like 5:00am! But he eventually got use to it an now he will sleep in until 9:30.


So maybe if you kept doing your 7:00am- out, 8:00am- feed 8:45am- out and then let her out one more time right before you head to work? Then your husband could let her out first thing when he gets in (say 5pm). Then feed her at 6 and take her out one last time before bed?


Good luck! I hope that helps you :)

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Congratulations on your new addition. Payton has to have 3 pees and a poop before I leave in the morning. I leave at 8 am and get back home at around 4:30 pm. He is fine until we get home.


At first, he would need to go out during the night. I would always bring him out and fairly quickly, he settled down and learned to sleep all night.


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I always take my dogs out (and watch to make sure they actually potty) right before I leave the house and also right before bedtime. I don't think you can take her out too often, especially in the beginning when you want to make absolutely sure she doesn't have any accidents inside. The stress of transition often makes them urinate more than normal, and you may find that she'll need to go out less often after she settles in and gets comfortable. As you get to know her, you can start taking her out less often if you find that she really doesn't need to go every time you take her out.

With your current schedule, I would continue the morning routine as you've been doing, but also take her out right before you leave for work. Then your husband could take her out when he gets home, you can take her out again when you get home, and one final trip out before bedtime. As she settles in, you may find that she doesn't need to go out that often, and you might be able to eliminate one of afternoon/evening outings, but if she goes out right before bedtime, she'll be less likely to wake you up in the middle of the night.

I still crate my dogs when I'm out. I just feel more comfortable with this as a long term arrangement, especially now that I have 6 dogs plus a foster. I know everyone is safe and secure. My dogs all sleep in my bedroom with the door closed at night.

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We do @ as JJNg. New dogs go out (and stay out until they potty) a LOT, until we know they don't need to go that often.

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I have a small older dog who needs more frequent potty times, so I tend to give my greyhound a turn each time I take my little dog out. I don't take them out together since there has been snow almost the whole month I've had my grey and I just feel better taking them one at a time. My little dog does his business quickly, and my grey will do pees quickly but when I know she needs to poop (after meals) I do a longer walk for her. We don't have a fenced yard so I have to go out with them and it can be a hassle, but like I said, they do their business quickly for pees.


I don't think it's a problem to take my grey out frequently. He does fine for several hours in his crate when I'm at work and goes all night with no difficulty.

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