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Couto Veterinary Consultants Website

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I apologize if this has already been brought up on the board, but Dr. Couto has a new website up for his veterinary consulting practice. He is continuing to consult on sighthound medicine, oncology and hematology; will have clinical rounding at a clinic in PA; educate and lecture; and continue to volunteer his time by visits to Scooby.









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Guest TinasTroops

Additionally, as of December 2013, Dr. Guillermo Couto will be seeing Greyhounds and other sight hounds at Metzger Animal Hospital, State College, PA.

Initially he will limit the visits to medicine, surgery, and oncology patients, but will be opening a Greyhound Wellness and Dental Clinic with the MAH Team in the near future. Although he will not be physically in the clinic daily it will be 2-4 days a month, he will be intimately involved in your Greyhound’s care via telemedicine, phone, and/or videoconferencing with the Doctors at MAH, since he will have on-line access to all their medical records, images (X-rays, CT scan), lab work, and other items.


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