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Hello From Ukrainian Village, Chicago!

Guest annickaandjef

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Guest annickaandjef

Hello Everyone!


We are the proud partners of Penny, whom we adopted on December 29th, 2013. She is our first greyhound, and our first dog (previously we had cats, no cats now).


We live in Ukrainian Village (Chicago and Western) in Chicago, and we adopted from Greyhounds Only.


Penny was formerly named Roxy by Greyhounds Only, and her racing name was D's Rockon.


She was very shy and reserved for the first few days of being home, but she has really started to come out of her shell over the past 24 hours. Her toys, in which she had no interest for the first few days, have become a passion! Today, she discovered the joys of sitting on the couch for the first time.


She came to us with a very deep bacterial infection on her right forearm and back left leg, which she has worried incessantly whenever we aren't looking. Our vet (recommended by Greyhounds Only) has prescribed a treatment of strong antibiotics and a medicated shampoo, as well as wearing a cone whenever we aren't around. She hates the cone, so we've been trying to use her turn-out muzzle whenever possible, but she rakes her muzzle against her crate and tries to remove it when crated, so we're still mostly using her cone whenever we crate her. We're really hoping that she feels better soon.


She hadn't had any accidents in the house (she had in the first few days in her previous foster parents' houses) until tonight, when we gave her a new, high-value toy at about 9pm. Otherwise, she's doing great - we are moving into clicker training and we are fortunate that her foster mom taught her sit - she sometimes will sit instead of going potty, which presents an interesting reward dilemma for us! We also have a heavier coat, warmer and booties coming to us from K9 apparel - we're hoping that it gets here before Sunday, when it will be in the negative degrees. We live just across the street from Smith Park, a large park in the neighborhood, and she has expressed distinct interest in the small dogs running off-leash there - we are considering muzzling her for walks near the park moving forward, at least for the time being.


We've been very grateful to Grey Talk members over the past week for the amazing amount of insight and guidance you guys have shared here - and we are really excited to be a part of the community!


- Annicka & Jef




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Guest Mr_Owski

Very pretty dog! I own several things from k9 apparel, and it's a lifesaver in Chicago when we get snow dumped on us like these past few days and with the temps about to plummet. Like you, we had never owned a dog before, and upon getting dog #1 we owned a second within 6 months...so beware of the can of worms you just opened.

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