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Bitter Apple Alternative

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Bitter apple spray isn't doing much to deter Mazy's occasional chewing impulses. What other untasty products are out there?

This isn't so bad that she needs to wear a muzzle or be crated/baby gated.


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Someone posted in another thread about mixing a paste of 1/2 Alum (from the Baking Aisle) and water, and spreading that on what you don't want them to chew.


If it's your nice blue chair, you might try double-sided tape.

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For our horses, we used to use Tabasco sauce. You can mix it with water in a spray bottle.

We tried Tabasco sauce for Maya when we first adopted her. Too bad she LOVED it. She would find the spot with the mixture and like it clean then chew. :)

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:) i remember using bitter apple with blue to try to deter him from mouthing me with his sharp puppy teeth. it didn't work, not even once..


he developed a taste for it and would lick my hands for hours if i let him,- until i washed it off i was a licking target.


millie found the bottle once and thought it was a chew toy. she also was lapping it up. i think greyhounds are just a bit weird like that.


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