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Greytalk History

Guest GreysGalgos

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phpbb is not as feature rich as IPB, I will not move to that platform, many of their users are also moving to IPB.


All the current CMS options (phpnuke, post-nuke, xoops, etc) are all pretty much insecure and resource hogs. I would like to implement a CMS in the future, IPB should have one our before long and it will integrate with the forum well.


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Guest happydog
As a relative newcomer to GreyTalk, and as a real fan of the forum, I was hoping someone might have the time to tell the newbies a little history of the board.


When/how/why did it start?  How many members are there?  Is the software written just for GT?  It's sooooo nice, and makes it easy to use this board!  How many countries are represented? 


And anything else of interest!  Thanks!

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