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Diana Is Getting Pudgy?!?!

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I've posted for years about Diana being too thin. At first panicky - then wondering - then realizing - some greys just stay very thin - forever. Years ago I tried to fatten her up - no good - she stayed boney but healthy for years.


When she got sick a while ago - and was put on meds she dropped weight really bad - and I posted asking what to do to entice her appetite.

Well -- she got over that - and has been eating well for several months.


Friday - we were at the vet for a nail clip - the new vet tech (who'd never seen a grey before) commented on Diana's muscle tone. I replied "Oh, that's nothing. She's an older girl - and her muscles have gone to nothing. You should see a grey right off the track. Or - Diana's muscles if I'd done better with walks lately - they're huge. She's getting soft because we haven't been walking. But even then it's nothing like a dog that races."


The vet piped in "About that. I understand she's getting older. But - what do you think about her weight right now?"


I said "well - after the scare we had with the meds a while ago I was happy to get her back to weight. She's always struggled to maintain minimum weight."


He said " That's over. Your dog is getting fat. I can barely feel ribs - and her tuck is disappearing. Look at her."


I did - she's getting fat! The vet tech questioned him on it - and he said "Ask her". Meaning me. I responded - "Yes- this IS a heavy grey. Feel here - feel here. This is NOT healthy for a grey." The tech was amazed - but she learned something. \


So - Diana need cuts back on food a bit - and a serious cut back on DH's add-ins. And EXERCISE. Next time we go to the vet's - in a month for shots - the tech will see what a grey should look like.


I'm just amazed my skinny-girl - is now pudgeY!


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