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Pinched Nerve? Back Spasm?

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Diana has had a couple ..... incidents over the last several months. The first happened this summer. She jumped into the back seat of the jeep (pretty high) and kinda wiped out on the way in. She was fine. Got to our destination - jumped out and winced - I tried to get her out slowly but she bounded out. About an hour later - just walking around the house - her neck went all wonky - hung down and she started crying and walking all crazy and acted like she was trying to run away from something. I grabbed her - kept her from moving and soothed her. Her back was hunched up. I ran my hand gently, but firmly down her neck and back for several minutes. She relaxed.... and everything straightened out. She was fine.


It's happened every month or every 2 since. And not from any fall or jumping incident, just once in a while - if she's been running, or gets off the couch wrong, or whatever. I immediately get ahold of her. She tries to "run away" from the pain. Once I calm her - the spasm passes.


It reminds me of when I had back spasms. At first I panicked and kept trying to move, but when I learned to stay still and calm myself -they would pass.


It's hard to take her to the vet for this. It's sporadic, and once it passes - she's fine. We're going to the vet tomorrow for nails, and I'll mention it - but I have no idea what can be done for it. I AM much more careful about letting her jump like she wants to. She's not a puppy any more, but she thinks she is. So - I don't let her jump into vehicles, but hold tight with a hand on her back, and make her walk into the floorboards, then up onto the seat. No more jumping in and out!


Anybody ever see this?

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Your vet might want to x-ray her spine. A chiropractic adjustment might help, but don't let a chiropractor work on her until you have x-rays.


And your vet might prescribe Robaxin (aka methocarbamol). It's a muscle relaxer, and she could take one once a day to help ward off episodes.

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