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Sensitive Spine

Guest carriej

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Guest carriej

Do some greyhounds have sensitive spines? I don't remember my other two ever having this issue, but I thought I would check.


Chance seems like he has a very sensitive spot on his spine. He had some flakies (dry skin, Canadian winter.. battle ever year) and I brushed them off and he arched his back. I thought he might have been itchy or something so I gave him a little scratch and he didn't seem to like this. I can scratch his whole back and he seems to enjoy it; but once you get to the narrowest part of his "waist" he is like 'WHOA.. Don't touch that'! and will look back at me and sniff my hand. He will also kind of do a little wiggle (as if it was itchy, which is what I mistook it for) and he raises his tail out weirdly and almost starts to stretch.


He runs around, roaches, and acts like a fool so I am not sure if this is something to be concerned about.

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Sounds like he's ticklish! James does this, but he seems to really like it. We call it 'kitty cat' and use it to instigate play with him. I've been wanting to get a video of it. The longer we stroke this area, the higher his tail will rise in the air.


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