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Please Think Good Thoughts For Fintan

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I think the OP said she was going to extend her privacy fence with some temporary measures, so hopefully the time/expense/hassle of a security camera won't be necessary... but I will say I'm disappointed that we won't get to watch a YouTube video of her sleuthing.

Drew and occasionally DW Melody, with Rosie (AMF Ready Made) in Louisville. Forever missing Brooks (KC Bastone) and Kali (Swish) 6/13/08-10/16/20.

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Not to excuse your neighbor, but you said he was an elderly man. My father grew up poor on a farm in Massachusetts. There were no luxuries and nothing went to waste--The dog was fed left-over and spoiled food as his dinner. Dad is in his late 80's and beginning to get a little confused. If I stretch my imagination, I could see him giving a neighbor-dog food left over from dinner or food that had gone bad, thinking he was giving the dog a treat. And he would be absolutely horrified to realize that he had made the dog ill. Is there any chance that this is the situation of your neighbor?

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