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Latex Allergy?

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Has anyone ever had a greyhound with a latex allergy? River got a small cut on his paw two days ago while doing zoomies in the backyard, and as overly concerned pet parents (and in an effort to keep blood off our white carpet - I will never understand why they put white carpet in houses :rolleyes:) we cleaned it, put a little gauze on it, and wrapped it with vet wrap. A few hours later we were all downstairs, and River was lying on his bed fidgeting and chewing and scratching all over, though he left his foot alone and wasn't trying to bite the vet wrap off. We couldn't find any kind of a rash anywhere on his body, but took the vet wrap off in case he had a latex allergy. Has anyone ever run into a latex allergy in their dog? It's also possible he was incredibly fidgety because he missed his evening walk that night, but I would have thought his boredom would have manifested itself in bouncing off the walls, not in itching like crazy. He kept trying to itch after we put his muzzle on, but finally settled down when we put him away in his crate for the night. Yesterday and today he's been perfectly fine. Any thoughts? Should I try putting some vet wrap on again to see if it causes the same reaction?



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It could have also been something you cleaned the cut with as well. If it had alcohol in it, for example, it might have dried out the skin a bit and made it itchy.

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some dog HATE being bandaged. it's as simple as that. but i will advise you to wrap the paw w/ gauze first, then some padding, then the vet wrap. i always leave a border of the padding(i use rolled cotton) sticking out a tad so the vet wrap doesn't rub. but that also gives the pup a good opportunity to have fun and pull the lining out. i also run a line of adhesive tape down the paw, make a return up the paw w/ the sticky side showing then apply the gauze. this keeps the gauze from slipping. but scissor teeth annie and xacto knife teeth felix just remove the bandages no matter what!


it's a loose-loose situation as far as i can tell. the manufactures of vet wrap have it made, the dogs eat it off, we the humans reapply it! they make $$$!


i would just irrigate the pad w/ saline solution, dry it and let saliva do it's thing. trust me, the pad/paw won't fall off- felix is a testament to that!

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That's the interesting thing though; he pretty much left the vet wrap alone. He was itching his belly, his side, his big bum, and his ears, but wasn't going after the vet wrap like I'd expect him to if he was really bothered by it. That's why I was thinking he could possibly have an allergy; on the other hand, he could have known we were watching him and was trying to be a drama queen :)


After we took the wrap off we decided the "wound" was really just a scratch and he'd live to see another day. It doesn't seem to bother him, so we decided against rebandaging. Chalk another one up to anxious new pet parents!


the manufactures of vet wrap have it made, the dogs eat it off, we the humans reapply it! they make $$$!


Yeah, the manufacturers definitely saw me coming; I couldn't see paying $6 for one roll of vet wrap if I could get 18 rolls for $26, and I'm sure they're out there laughing and saying, "We got another one!!" I figured we'd use it eventually, but if he turns out to have an allergy I think I'll go as a multi-colored zombie for Halloween next year. :bgeorge

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