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Tmj In Greyhounds?

Guest hilosugar

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Guest hilosugar

My 10 year old male greyhound, Joey, was diagnosed with TMJ - He will not eat anything that he has to crunch or chew - if he tries, he lets out a shriek! The vet gave him a shot of cortisone yesterday. He will eat very soft foods - cheese, chicken pate, etc. He attempts to go over

to the treat jar for a cookie - we give it to him and he just lets it fall out of his mouth! Help! Has anyone ever experienced this with their greyhound?

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How long has it been since his last dental cleaning? How thoroughly did your vet examine the teeth? Were xrays taken?

I think it could just as easily be a damaged tooth rather than TMJ.


Editing to add that I guess it is possible. This site gives a good explanation:


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It's most certainly possible. Poor guy!


You'll probably have to shift to foods and treats as if he'd had all his teeth removed, something else that often happens. Canned dog food, whirl his kibble in the blender until it's dust and mix with water or broth, soft treats like marshmallows or cheese or dehydrated liver.


Hopefully the cortizone shot will help him soon and chewing won't be so uncomfortable, but this isn't a condition that you can fix, you can only manage it. A daily dose of an nsaid will help with pain and inflammation.

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