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Night Time Need To Eliminate

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Tracker is now 7; when we got him at 3 1/4, he was able to go from 4:00pm all the way to the next morning at 8:30am without needing to go out, which seemed crazy to us, but he refused our offers to be let out, so... this was fine for him until ca 1.5 years ago, when he started having to go out in the middle of the night. So we added a 9pm walk to each day, and all was well again. Well, now it seems we have a new "trend": for the second time in a row, he now needs to go out between 2 and 4 hours after the 9pm walk (last night he pooped, don't know about the other night). We'll see whether these events were just flukes or this will become an ongoing issue. Of course, if this were to continue, we'll have him checked out for UI and whatever else, but for now, I'm just curious: do dogs, as they age, simply need to have more elimination opportunities or should they, if there are no medical issues, be able to hold it (poop and pee) through the night even as they get way older (right now we're talking 2-4 hours, which seems WAY to short for a dog of seven, but I have no prior experience)?

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Guest Doggone

Autumn was already 7 when she came to me, so I don't know her prior routine. In my house, her nighttime schedule varies. There are nights in which she'll go @ 6pm and not again until we go on our morning walk @ 8am, and there are nights in which she'll go out @ 10pm too. There are even occasional times when she'll need to go out in the early, early morning hours.

None of these are a problem for me, since my bedroom has French doors leading to the back yard, so even if it's pre-dawn, I just stumble back into bed :D. If I had to physically walk her, it would be a very big deal :(.

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Jeff will be 7 in January. In the last 5 months or so he has started occasionally to wake me about 2-4 am wanting to go out. I let him out right before I go to bed, whatever time that may be, usually 11 ish.


I don't love the nighttime jaunts but am just thankful he lets me know, when ya gotta go, you gotta go, as I am learning now that I am hitting my mid 40s :lol However I don't give him a treat when we come back in if it is middle of the night, I just say 'bedtime' and go back upstairs.


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Fenway has minor kidney damage of an unspecified origin, diagnosed with an ultrasound. He started peeing in the house about 2.5 years ago when he should have been able to hold it (he was 4.5 years old at the time). We moved into a rental house with a dog door so it's no longer an issue, though there are some nights he doesn't go out.


In your case since it's only been two nights that he has needed to go out, I'd recommend taking him out for a longer walk at 9pm so he has ample time to eliminate. Walking seems to get things moving. It could also be that he's getting cold and that's waking him up, and he also realizes he has to go once he's up. Maybe try PJs, a tshirt, or a blanket over him to see if that helps.

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