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The Control Myth

Guest k9soul

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Lovely, touching and true. Thank you for sharing.

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Guest Impossiblealto

Freaking amazing writing and such sentiment! Definitely sharing this with my friends - Thank You so much for sharing this with us!!!!

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I loved what he said about teaching our dogs to make better choices for themselves. I hope some of my friends with kids will read this!

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I have always striven for a relationship with my dogs rather than 'control' over them. I realised very quickly that control over a dog is a myth. It's always a relationship, whether you like to admit it or not, and a relationship between a dog and someone who has to be in control over them at all times is - to my mind - a dysfunctional one.


I want my dogs to behave well in all situations, of course I do! But what I want is for the dog to WANT to do the right thing, not to do it because he is afraid not to, or because I want to show how good my control over him is at any particular moment. I want my dogs to be companions, and I want their behaviour to be 'good enough' while allowing them to express their doggyness. :)


And actually, you can have a beautifully disciplined dog and still have a great relationship. You just have to understand and respect each other!


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