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Vomiting After A Very Busy Few Days

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I just wrapped up my annual family reunion which included Enza and I making three round trips to my parents house (1.5 hours each day), hanging out with 30 people all day yesterday and an overall disruption to our lives. Enza was a trooper dealing with a ton of kids, lots of noise and only stole one roll (that I saw). And she did receive a lot of treats from me.


This morning, she threw up around 4:30 in the morning, but was fine on our morning walk (8:00) and quite perky. Normal bowel movement and ate all of her breakfast. I went to meet everyone for breakfast and between 11 and 1, she threw up two more times. I took her out again and she was fine - just moving slow.


I am leaning towards stress, food she was probably fed that I didn't know about, etc but is there anything I can do or should do? Pepcid, skip dinner? Panic?




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I would just keep my eye on her...either fast her tonight or feed a little chicken and rice. Hope she is back to herself soon...welllll...maybe not completely herself with the food stealing! :lol

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