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Stormy Got Bit

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My 10yo was having a nice birthday party until the foster got jealous over toys and attacked the old guy. He bit dine size off the tip of the ear and I had a blood bath. I pressed with towels and when he shook his head, everything broke loose so off to the ER. Dr remembers him from another time stitches were needed on a late Sunday from another foster bite. Records showed he did not do well on gas so she wants to give propafal and repair jagged laceration. I did not feel good about being there,so she cleaned, gave ampicillin and Buprenex for pain and I went home to see our Dr in AM. He has not laid down for 4 hours and is hyper, drooling and can't get comfortable. It's going to be a long night

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I hope Stormy and you were finally able to get some rest last night.

I looked up Buprenex and it is what Nadir was given (buprenorphine) the other night for pain. What I learned was that if too low a dose is given it makes them anxious, agitated and whiney. He had had a shot that morning that relaxed him and let him rest comfortably. Later that day I took him to see his regular vet and he was given another injection, this one at 1/2 the dosage of the morning injection, which resulted in him being agitated and whiney and unable to rest until it was out of his system. This sounds like what may have happened with Stormy also.

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Oh, I'm so sorry. :( I hope sweet Stormy feels better soon.

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Stormy went first thing and His vet opened up gauze and gagged. He cleaned up and redressed and vet wrapped and asked us to come back Fri at 7 for the surgeon to clean up rip and have teeth done at the same time. I feel bad that the foster will be going back to kennel life after having him 7 months. He is just 4 and beautiful but I know he never raced and lived in kennel life for 1 year and now goes back. Trying not to put human emotions on the picture. He ripped the ears on my Dalmatian and now chewed a chunk off my Stormy's ear. He has been foster number 18. Yes, I am gun shy now.

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