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Sammi Senior Check Up & Shots Today

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Sammi had her senior check up and her rabies vacc this morning.


Considering that she is almost 11, her check up was pretty good.


Weight is "wonderful". Vet impressed that we got the steroid weight off of her so nicely. Muscle tone, skin, etc... all very good for her age.


Nails, longer than the average dog's even tho they get clipped every few weeks (any less and there is nothing to clip) been fighting those suckers for 7 years. Even with a Dremel, I've never gotten the "off the floor, paw-dicure beautiful" nails on her.


Due for another dental (just had one earlier this year).


Still keeping an eye on her back end. Back feet still knuckling under. Only a few seconds til she realizes and corrects, vs last year when it was 30+ seconds before she would correct her foot. So at least her Periphreal Neuropathy isn't getting worse, although she does stumble sometimes. She gets stiff/sore when she's been more active than normal, also a few times now in the past few months she's been in pain to the point I had to give her something so that she could settle down. arthritis is a definite possibility. Starting on a different Glucosomine supplement.


We were concerned about her eyesight, specifically at night or dark/dim lighting. She has gotten very skittish outside at night, has slipped/missed a step on the stairs to the point we baby gate her in the bedroom at night to keep her from wandering downstairs. I don't think she'd try, tho. In the morning she stands at the top until DF or I go down the stairs and turn the living room light on that is right by the stairs.


Mild cataracts in both eyes. :(


Now for the question:

We were given Previcox for her to try. Anyone have greys that have used this? Pro's/Cons? So far we're starting her out "as needed", not daily.


Thank you!

And as a show of my thankfulness for any help, a funny :)


When ti came time to check Sammi's back end & anal gland area, I busted up laughing and couldn't stop.


Go to :20 in (where Toothless has "the look of dread" on his face) That is the exact look Sammi had on her face when the realization hit her that something was happening back there.



I felt SO bad laughing, but I couldn't stop. All I could see was Toothless with the look on her face. She got more offended, I laughed harder. I am a terrible mommy... that gave her treats and let her go on my errands runs with me as a way to suck up make up for laughing at her in her time of distress.

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