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Cataracts With Pra

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My Ig Flex has PRA, Cataracts and is deaf. His right eye turned completely white in a very short period of time. I took him back to eye specialist . She confirmed worsening of the cataract. Pressure in that eye was 5, while other eye was 12 (ok) she gave me neo-poly dex ointment to use twice a day. He goes back in one month for recheck. Obviously his vision has worsened noticeably and I would like to help him any way I can. He takes vitamin e daily and I restarted ocu-glo Rx vitamin supplement. ( stopped it because I thought it was bothering his stomach..will keep eye on that. Anyway, I am researching wholistic treatments for cataracts. So far I have read about can-c drops, billberry supplement, cineraria and eye bright. Does anyone have any experience with using any of these? Obviously I will not start anything without discussing it with his doctor! Thanks

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