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Mild Sa When I Go On Trips

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I went on a trip for four days, and according to DBF, the dogs acted restless and whiny the whole time. He said he tried to take them to the dog park, but they refused to run and just stood around uninterested. He also said that at the house, they would obsessively jump and run to the door, barking at the slightest sounds. This went on all weekend long. Then, when I finally did come home yesterday, Henry was so happy he couldn't contain himself. He started flying through the house at top speed. Truman had every toy out of his toy box, and brought all of them to me one by one. They were clearly ecstatic to see me again, and afterwards, they seemed to go back to normal.


I don't really go away for extended periods of time. For the big vacations, we always take the dogs with us, but every once in awhile, I like to go do somewhere just for me... So I'm just wondering how everyone else's dogs act when you're away on vacation? Does it sound like my boys have mild SA? Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable when I go away?

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Frannie does that whenever I leave the house and Mike is here

with her. Normally, I'm here pretty much of the time and when I

do leave for a while, she's crated. If he's home from work or on

the weekend she stays out. He says she jumps up and runs at every

noise until I get home. I'm her 'person' because I've been the one

that's always been home with her most of the time.

She loves Mike but it's just different being with him than with me all

day long.


If you were gone more the boys would probably get more used to it and

it wouldn't bother them so much.

These dogs are so routine oriented that any kind of change upsets their



Travel more!!!

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